Mobile Mini Clinic

VIP Membership Information

You are a very important person (VIP), therefore your healthcare needs are important. The VIP membership program allows you extended access to your Nurse Practitioner at the Mobile Mini Clinic via text, phone, email, and/or in the home or telehealth. This program does not replace health insurance, but allows you to receive priority access to some medical care at an affordable rate. This may assist individuals without health insurance and or individuals who like to have regular communication with their medical provider. *Note: The provider can refer you to a specialist and or another level of care based on professional experience. Fees for other levels of care are not included within VIP membership. 

Initial Enrollment Fee


Monthly Costs

Ages 2-18 $59

Ages 19-60 $89

Ages 61 and up $109


Unlimited Priority for appointments and 8:00am-10:00pm (Text/Phone/Email) 365 days a year

Home Visits

1 Physical Exam per year

12 per year (Not including Physical Exam)

Additional visits $45

Snelling Vision Test (Yearly)


Psychosocial Screening (Yearly)



Yearly comprehensive lab screening $45

Additional labs discounted

Pap Smear $45 (In office)

Prescription Refills

Priority Access

Special Procedures: 

Sutures, I&D, DOT, Sports Physicals, etc. Discount pricing

*Emergency/Urgent/Hospital Care/Specialists

 Not Included